Tube Formed Buck For Aircraft Nose Panel

Last month, Eric drove from Arizona to my shop here in western Kentucky to attend a 5-day, Private One-on-One metal shaping seminar. He had two goals: To learn the English wheel in-depth and to make a tube form buck for his Cessna nose panel.

It was a great seminar. My shop, like many shops, does not have a tube bending machine. Using old-school methods, our focus of this workshop was to bend a tube using oxyacetylene to match a profile gauge that we constructed which would fit the Cessna nose panel perfectly without the tube being crushed or warping.
Eric completed his class with a “click fit” of the tube formed buck to his panel.

A private class allows the atendee the freedom of choosing the project best suited for their own needs without interruption, completely hands-on 100% of the time.

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