The Strongest Team Member Sets the Quality Bar for All Involved

The title of this post is taken from the direct quote from Pat Reisinger, owner of Reisinger Custom Rebuilding in Evansville IN.

Pat scheduled a One-on-One Private metal shaping seminar for Jake, one of his dedicated employees.
As the owner, Pat knows that investing in his crew/team members, will set the quality bar higher for all involved….it starts with the one who will take the skills learned here at Kingdom Metal Works back to the shop.

Jake has come for a 5-day private seminar this week, as an intermediate fabricator, his desire is to master the English Wheel. I will take him step by step in the process, demonstrating the steps, then hand the project back to Jake.

If you are a fabrication/restoration shop owner, looking to invest in your crew and looking to set the quality bar higher, my One-on-One Private Metal Shaping workshops are completely hands-on, with no interruptions for a thorough skills-based class specifically tailored to the attendee.


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