I have been in the classic car restoration business for over 30 years specializing in traditional metal shaping techniques along with state of the art machinery used to restore classic cars.  I specialize in hand built cars like AC Cobra and early 60’s Ferrari. My passion is metal shaping, fabrication of panels using the English wheel, power hammer and planishing hammer as well as researching the history of these classic cars.  I offer private one on one metal shaping/welding training workshops for those interested in learning new skills and offer assistance to individuals and businesses to complete their personal or professional projects.

After working in prestigious classic car restoration shops in England and southern California, Kingdom Metal Works settled in western Ky.

Some of my work was also featured in The Craftsman Series completed in September 2016 while I worked at Steve Hogue’s shop in Torrance. The Jaguar 1955 XK140 Drop Head pictured here is one of the cars featured in the clip below.

Kevin Masson

The Craftsmen Series – Steve Hogue