A Great Metal Meet in Dennison MN.

The past 2 weeks at Dan Pate’s shop in Dennison MN was packed with activities. A metal meet where metal shapers from all over came to share and learn.  Metal shaping classes, demonstrations using alternative shaping techniques, demonstrations on power hammers, English wheels and hand tools just to name a few.

I had the privilege being invited by Dan to teach two separate metals shaping classes to groups of talented and enthusiastic metal shapers all looking to build their skills in metal shaping, ready to take their knowledge back to their home shops and businesses.

Kingdom Metal Works is all about passing on knowledge and picking up new skills to share. If you are looking to build your skills in metal shaping, schedule a one on one private metal shaping class here at my shop in western Ky. If you are a business looking to invest in your company and crew, I will travel to you.  Schedule a class there at your shop where I will train your crew on your machinery using your in house projects to build your crew’s skills and move your projects forward all at the same time.







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