Aluminum Metal Shaping Classes Using a Ferrari Buck Coming Spring 2019

We have been invited by Dan Pate who will host us in his well equipped metal shaping shop in Dennison MN and have a few spots open. Dan has been offered a Ferrari buck for us to use to make aluminum panels using the machinery in his shop. Dan is known as route56wingnut on Instagram and is one of the administrators on  Our first 3 day metal shaping class is scheduled for April 29th – May 1st . Dan has a metal shaping event that he will hold on May 2nd – 4th. Our second metal shaping class is scheduled for May 6th – 8th. Our focus will be on all aspects of metal shaping using the Ferrari buck with our goal being to build the skills of those who will be signing up for the classes.

The cost for each 3 day class is $650.00 with a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee. Email us at for registration and information.

Our hope is to be invited to shops all around the country that will host us to teach metal shaping to enthusiasts that want to build their skills and move their personal projects forward. Our focus will be on coach building, fabrication of aluminum and steel panels  and all aspects of metals shaping using hand tools and metal shaping machinery.


Dan Pate’s shop in Dennison MN.


The Ferrari buck we will be using to shape aluminum panels

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