Shop Tour~ Bossing Mallet and Shot Bag

In this shop tour I touch on the different types of bossing mallets and leather shot bags I use in my metal shaping classes.
The use of a bossing mallet and shot bag is a method referred to as “hollowing”. This is a process of shaping a sheet metal blank into a shot bag or hard wood block with the aid of a pear shaped boxwood mallet or other types of bossing mallet head materials.
During my one on one private metal shaping classes, I go over metal shaping techniques using hand tools available to the average restoration shop. The student will get uninterrupted teaching and demonstrations on how to handle the tools in a verity of combinations that is best suited for the job at hand.

If you are looking to build your skills with complete hands on instruction, schedule a private metal shaping class by emailing me at


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