Testimonial of Kevin’s One-on-One Private Metal Shaping Workshop

IMG_3155I could not resist sharing the testimonial given by Buster Hoffmaster from Kevin’s last private One-on-One Metal Shaping Workshop~ I am so proud of my husband and how he has flourished in his teaching skills~ Maritza (Kevin’s wife).
The Bible says in Proverbs 27:2

“Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips.”

My name is Buster Hoffmaster, and I live in Austin, Texas. I am retired, and fortunate enough to have a very well-equipped metal-working shop where I get to go every day to build “dream cars” (for myself). Over the years I have attended a number of classes and metal shaping events in an attempt to advance my coach building skills, including those put on by Faye Butler, Wray Schelin, Pat Bruebaker, Kent White, Ron Covell, Oblong Metal Meets and various All Metal Shaping events. All excellent experiences indeed. My latest adventure in continuing my passion was with Kevin Masson of Kingdom Metal Works, and it was a truly wonderful experience.

My quest with Kevin was not so much to learn how to make a small panel to take home with me, rather to discuss in great detail many of the little skills necessary to move my work to the next level. This involved a lot more “chalk talk” than Kevin was used to in his classes, but it was very obvious that Kevin is completely flexible in tailoring his one-on-one time with students to exactly what they came to learn……did I mention perfect gas welding techniques on aluminum body panels?

As I was recently reminded by an “old pro”……it takes 80 percent of your time to build the first 80 percent of your project….and then it takes 80 percent of your time to build the last 20 percent of your project (no, that is not a typo…;<)). My time with Kevin was all about that last 20 percent. So, whether you are just starting out, or consider yourself beyond taking lessons, I assure you that you will leave your time with Kevin smiling and completely satisfied that your money was well spent. I could not wait to get back in my shop to start working with the new skills Kevin taught me. Oh yeah…..wait until Kevin shows you what’s inside his tool box!

Buster H.

2 thoughts on “Testimonial of Kevin’s One-on-One Private Metal Shaping Workshop

  1. I have my shop right next to Buster’s and I have watched his progression through the years as he tirelessly pursues his skill building. Around these parts he is known as the relentless skeptic. A moniker he greatly enjoys. He drills down and studies and frets and studies some more. He came back from Kevin’s class elated. And I got to see pictures of Kevin’s tool box!

    1. Hi Larry, thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed having Buster in my shop and the opportunity to share information back and forth. He is a tireless learner for sure and his enthusiasm was contagious!

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