Topics on Metal Shaping Techniques

This week is not the “ordinary” private metal shaping class. It is a class where tools, machinery and most importantly an array of topics surrounding metal shaping techniques will be taking place.
Buster arrived for his one -on- one private metal shaping class, his goal is to discuss his track-nose roadster project going on in his shop in Texas pictured.
Because we offer one-on-one private metal shaping classes, metal shapers from beginner to advanced skills will get complete focus, no interruption in the teaching of metal shaping techniques.

Visit our website at for schedule and pricing.

Some of the topics to be discussed over the next three days:

Panel Work: Focus on Aluminum

Panel Layout Strategies-

Reverse Curves- cowls and tighter radiuses- linear stretching dies
Shrinking/Stretching Techniques- sequence in panel shape development and fixing problems in shaped panels (oil canning), shrinking in mid panel.
Strategies for mating two large panels (edges/seam clips/spot welds/vice grips)
Weld Seam Finishing- planishing. grinding, filing, sanding, polishing.
Flanges, joggles, hems
Final panel finishing techniques (full polish)

Gas Welding-

Tacking, filler metal, fusion welding, welding close to an edge, blowout repair, welding panel seams with gaps, welding small pieces into existing panel (repairing a screw up), how to raise a small depression on either side of a weld.

Chassis Building-

Superleggera construction strategies, skin to sub-frame methods, suspension layout and setup, reference sources, chassis table, door, trunk, hood hinges

Hand Tools-

Hammer, slappers, dollies, files, stumps, beater bags, bead roller

English Wheel Techniques-

Full radius vs. segmented anvils, rubber wheels, wheel pressure, tracking patterns, blocking vs. wheeling.



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