The Reasons for One-on-One Private Metal Shaping Workshops

Most of the metal shapers that contact us are looking for one-on-one private metal shaping training, scheduling either a 3 or 5 day class here in our workshop.
When asked why they chose KMW, the reasons they prefer a one-on-one seminars are as follows:

  1. The ability to bring in their own projects to train on and move those projects forward.
  2. Complete hands on training using tools and machinery available to the average metal shaping shop.
  3. No interruption in the flow of training with the freedom to change course in the middle of the workshop.
  4. The trainer is able to adapt to the learning style of each attendee and respect the pace that the attendee sets.
  5. Catering to the beginner metal shaper all the way to the more advanced experienced metal shaper with instruction that will provide alternative metal shaping techniques.
  6. The flexibility of the workshop schedule allows the attendee to choose a date that works for them.
  7. On-going follow-up consultation on metal shaping techniques.

If you are looking to build your skills in metal shaping, visit our website and schedule a one on one private metal shaping workshop. Together we will get your project to the next stage and your metal shaping skills to the next level at the same time.






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