Sharing Metal Shaping Skills with Students at Bevill State Community College in AL

Kingdom Metal Works is heading down to Jasper Alabama at the end of the month to share knowledge in metal shaping to students at Bevill State Community College. It was a privilege to be able to host Tony Bolton, Instructor in Auto Body Repair from Bevill State CC for a 3 day metal shaping/welding training class here at our shop earlier this year. He shared his experience with his peers and set out to have KMW come to demonstrate the art of metal shaping. Tony has invited CC Auto Body Repair instructors from all over the state of Alabama to participate in workshops being held in February in his classroom at the college.

As students learn the skills of auto body repair, there are some who have the desire to make the jump to auto restoration and metal fabrication. Tony’s vision is to connect students and instructors to our shop and to the art of metal shaping using hand tools and the English wheel to broaden the students knowledge of techniques used in prestigious auto restoration shops all around Alabama.


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