Project Accomplished! 2 Day Metal Shaping Class a Success.

Our goal is to make sure the student gets as much hands on training as possible during their class here at KMW. For Brian’s 2 day class, he allowed us to put together a project designed to utilize the metal shaping techniques he was looking for to build his skills.

We settled on making a portion of a fender made out of steel using a wooden buck. The project had Brian making a paper pattern, cutting out the 2 sections, shrinking and stretching on the leather shot bag and shrinker/stretcher and shaping both pieces on the planishing hammer and the english wheel…always checking the shape to the profile gauge and wooden buck for accuracy . Welding the pieces together and smoothing out the weld on the english wheel, finally putting in a wired edge with a hammer and dollie for a finished project to take home.

IMG_2502 (1)IMG_2504 (2)IMG_2525IMG_2523IMG_2508 (1)






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