Count Down to the Metal Shaping Class at Mittler Bros Coming Next Month

Count-down has started for the Metal Shaping Class at the Mittler Bros facility in Wright City MO March 21-22.

Upon the completion of this 2-day course, students will have fabricated a fully shaped steel panel(s) for a motorcycle gas tank fitted to a wooden buck. The class will focus on the use of the English wheel and other machinery used to shape panels using the roadmap to success. With detailed demonstrations and complete hands-on training, students will have the confidence and ability to take a flat piece of metal and produce the desired shape and curvature needed to complete their project. The machinery and tools to be used in this class will consist of bench size English wheels, shrinker-stretchers, bead rollers, beater bag stations with shot bags and mallets.
The outcome for the beginning metal shaper is a broader knowledge of how metal moves and is shaped, using the information given on the machinery and the hands-on lessons to build their metal shaping skills. The goal is to accomplish a complete side panel (for beginners) or 2 panels, left and right side (for advanced) fitted to the wooden motorcycle gas tank buck. For the more advanced metal shaper, the focus will be more on perfecting the shaped panels from 80% to 100% with instruction on getting a perfect fit to the buck.

For registration information and cost of the class, email to

Look forward to seeing you there!


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