Custom Leather Shot Bags Sold Here at Kingdom Metal works

Our attendees are sold on using our leather shot bags instead of sand-filled bags and here is the reason why:

Here at KMW, we offer thick durable, double-stitched leather shot bags.
These bags are made by hand in western KY by our friend, Danny, an Amish full-time saddle/bridle maker who took our measurements and designed our shot bags using the finest English Saddlery and Latigo leather he could find.

We offer 3 sizes: a 14″ round for $95 / a 9″ oblong with hand strap for $40/ a 6″ round for the hand for $25. The bags are sold separately or in a set of all three for $150.00. Sales tax is 6% and shipping runs around $13.00.

Our choice for the lead shot is Lawrence Brand Magnum Lead Shot #8. It takes about two
25 lb. bags to fill the 14′ round shot bag. We partially fill our bag, clamp it shut and beat on it to stretch out the leather, and then fill it up some more until we have it full and stretched to your desired size. We supply the rivets to seal off the bags as well.

Lawrence Brand Shot

If you are interested in purchasing some of these high-quality leather shot bags for your personal or business shop, contact us at

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