Metal Shaping Class at Jim Hery’s Shop

We have the privilege of teaching a 3 day metal shaping class here at Jim Hery’s fully equipped shop in Belfast TN. For years Will Cronkrite hosted the Redneck Roundup at his shop and now Jim has taken on the task going forward  for a yearly metal meet allowing metal shapers from all over the USA to share their skills, projects and machinery with die hard metal men and women.
This class was open to 6 students of all skill levels to receive hands on training to take back to their home shop, work shop and restoration businesses.
If you are looking to invest in your business, I will train your crew in metal shaping skills working on your projects using your machinery. If you are looking to open your shop and host a metal shaping event inviting students from all over the US, we can help you in that area too. Visit our website at or email me for information at


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