Gas Welding Aluminum

There are many students who ask to have a lesson on oxy – acetylene gas welding aluminum when they come to a private metal shaping class here at my shop. This type of welding is more malleable and less prone to cracking and ideal for aluminum car bodies and restoration projects.

When acetylene and oxygen are mixed in the correct proportions and ignited, the resulting flame reaches a  temperature of 6300 degrees F (3482 degrees C). This is intense enough to melt all commercial metals so completely that metals to be joined actually flow together to form a complete bond of mechanical pressure or hammering. Except on a very thin material, extra metal in the form of a wire rod is usually added to the molten metal in order to strengthen the seam slightly. If the weld is performed correctly, the section where the bond is made will be as strong as the base metal itself. Metal which can be welded with oxy-acetylene flame include iron, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze as well as many alloys may be welded. The oxy-acetylene flame is also used for cutting metal, case hardening and annealing.

If you are looking to build your skills in oxy-acetylene  gas welding during a one on one class or if you are a shop owner looking to build the skills of your crew, I can help you.


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