Our Private Metal Shaping/Welding Training Classes

We are located out in the country in the little town of Hampton Ky.  Our shop is filled with new and used machinery as well as tool boxes filled with custom hand made tools consisting of slappers, hammers and dollies.  An Excel Wheel, of which only 39 exist in the world takes center stage as our shop is committed to teaching others to master the art of using the English wheeling machine to create compound curves from flat sheets of aluminum or steel.

Our training classes are typically designed for 1:1 teacher/ student ratio to give you hands- on experience and training on the roadmap of designing, cutting and shaping the metal. You will also learn some of the most advanced and sophisticated welding techniques required on high- end, rare and exotic cars. Once you have registered for your class and we know your level of training in metal shaping and welding, we will tailor the classes to fit your knowledge.  If you are working on a current project and would like to bring it with you to receive consultation and the opportunity to work on it, we can guide you through that process. If you don’t have a project you are currently working on but have something in mind, we can discuss your idea and get the materials ready for you for your class.  Otherwise we will provide a project for you to work on that you can take home.

A full lunch and snacks are provided in the farmhouse dining room each day located next door to our shop and break time is taken on the front porch.  Accommodations at Grand Rivers Inn located in Grand Rivers is about 35 minutes from the shop, they can be reached at (270) 362-4487. This is a perfect place to relax after a full day of hands on training in metal shaping and welding techniques.

We look forward to having you here at our shop and the opportunity to work with you to build your skills here at Kingdom Metal Works.

If you are a business owner and would like Kevin to come to your shop and work with your employees to build their skills, call for information and availability at 310 947-1120.

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