English Wheeling a Curved Panel to a Wooden Buck~ Private Metal Shaping Workshop With Jeff Cambre

Grab a cold beer, a good cigar, pull up a chair and join me in my private one-on-one metal shaping workshop with Jeff Cambre on my YouTube Channel for Kingdom Metal Works. Each workshop here at Kingdom Metal Works is custom fit to the student’s pace and techniques they are looking to enhance.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund sponsored Jeff’s class and I was honored to have him here to build his skills over a 3 day period. In his workshop, Jeff worked on a curved panel to be fitted to a wooden fender buck. The focus of this workshop was to use the Excel English wheel and the Mittler Bros Bench Top English wheel with the rubber band.

My instruction used both English wheels to attain the height needed in the panel and using the radius gauge to measure the crown. The Mittler Bros Bench Top wheel was used for more crown in the panel using the flat top with higher crown anvils. Finishing up the panel with cross wheeling on the Excel wheel. Head over to my channel, see you at the workshop!

Cross Wheeling on the Excel Wheel



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