Finest Leather Shot Bags for Sale now at Kingdom Metal Works

Kingdom Metal Works is now selling handmade leather shot bags. We gave the dimensions to our local Amish saddlery shop and asked them to make our bags from their finest, thickest English Saddlery leather. These beater bags are made to be filled with lead shot #8 which is my preference. We have a large round 14 inch, an oblong 9 inch with a hand strap and a 6 inch round that fits in your hand. These beater bags run $110 for all three. If you are interested in purchasing them separately, the 14ā€ runs $70, the 9ā€ is $30 and 6ā€ for $20. Email me at if you are interested in purchasing these sturdy beater bags.A1B2A7DF-8969-4FE2-8C34-7ED61D60CA0B



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