Mobil Metal Shaping Instructor/Trainer

Last weeks Private Metal Shaping Class at Legacy Innovations in Emigsvill PA was a complete success.

Troy, the owner had many shop projects that needed to be worked on and used for building the crews skills on metal shaping techniques. Some of the projects included, Aaron working on re- designing a hood skin and fabricating an aluminum inner structure for a show car. We utilized the English wheel to get the initial shape before using the PullMax to form the radius and contours, finishing off with the bead roller for even more detail to the completed structure. Aron worked on re-designing an inner structure to a trunk lid. This involved PullMax die shaping, bead roll to give final detail and final TIG welding the structure into the trunk lid. Ross worked on the gas tank belly pan that needed shaping up in the English wheel, PullMax shaping for strength and bead roll flange tipping. Aron also work on fabricating the front section of a front fender to fit the new designed headlamp bezel. These were challenging panels for the crew but in this class, they were committed and focused to the instruction and we were able to complete or received the direction needed to complete the assigned projects, thus moving everything forward in the workshop.

Kingdom Metal Works is committed to teach metal shaping and aluminum gas/TIG welding to students here at our shop with one to one instruction as well as traveling to car fabrication/restoration shops all over the U.S.A and abroad.

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