Friday~ Last Day of Workshop

This week’s workshop was successful due to the fact that Mike was able to spend a few hours on the shrinker/stretcher, bead roller, the English wheel, and a couple of hours of gas welding aluminum. We didn’t get his Mustang hood completed, but what Mike did get was experience, practice, and head knowledge on the different aspects of metal shaping. When the panel didn’t move the way I had planned, we had to put our heads together and rethink our strategy. Despite the setback, Mike was able to experience the reality of changing course and make it work, all of this with 1:1 instruction and complete hands-on training.

The most important aspect of this workshop was that we were able to plan ahead regarding the project that Mike decided to bring to be trained on. This way, he got personal attention in every aspect of metal shaping and his personal project moved forward to a point where he could continue on it at his own home shop.

All in all…..It was a great class!



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