Thursday~ Set Back Day….

It’s important to share that for every metal shaper, there are setback days. When what you are trying to accomplish just doesn’t come out the way you had planned.  The more I thought about it, the more I needed to be honest with the attendee and those of you who are following Kingdom Metal Works about the realistic side of metal shaping.

Today was a setback day because the panel project we have been working on, although difficult, started to go backward. I must admit there was frustration on both of our parts, but with determination and discussion on the different ways we could get this accomplished, we changed course and have gotten back on track.

This workshop is having to focus on how to correct metal shaping that did not work the way I had planned. Now as we sit down for lunch, we can see that in the long run, this workshop is proving to be more beneficial because I am able to demonstrate the realistic aspects of metal shaping…you WILL have setbacks…but when I admit that it is not going the way I planned, you put your heads together, work through what went wrong and get back on track, this training is real life stuff!

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