Tuesday Private Metal Shaping Class~ The English Wheel

Our 5 day Private Metal Shaping class here at KMW is coming along. Mike has been to a few metal shaping classes in the past, watched many excellent videos done by professional metal shapers and has been able to glean from many of the masters in metal shaping. He is coming to us to get complete hands on training and one to one instruction so that he can practice on our shop machinery to build his skills. His expectation is to be able to take his project home and continue to move it forward

Sometimes it is just being able to ask the questions about shaping metal that have built up over the years, sometimes it is making decisions to use only hand tools and an English wheel instead of the power hammer and pullmax machines. It all comes down to what you can afford to have in your shop, equipment that is available/affordable to the common metal shaper. It’s about the student and what they need/want so that when they leave here they can hop back on their project and keep going.

We specialize in one student at a time, completely focused on their needs so that they can move past the difficulties of their project and get on to the next phase. Take the time to explain the process, fix mistakes and show how to correct them in a very relaxed atmosphere that moves at a comfortable pace.

If you are looking to sharpen your skills, or need to send one of your crew over to us to train them up, we are here for you.


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